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The world of human culture is rich and diverse. This diversity provides harmonization and organic co-existence of folks and original communities. Cultural pluralism is linked with democratization of societies. It creates environment for cultural exchange and expands opportunities. It guarantees freedom to express opinions, plurality of mass media, multilingual approaches, equal access to artistic, technical, and scientific knowledge, including digital one.

Using digital technology, Internet is one of the most efficient tools to optimize environment. It has huge communicative potential - interactivity. It allows to write and to think without frameworks of national context.

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Issue 5 / 2006

The greatest Azerbaijan composer Uzeyir Hajibayov has said: When composer expresses his ideas in native music language, he will be near to peop .......

(comparative analysis of Urmavis treatise "Kitab al-Advar" and U. Hajibayovs book "Principles of Azerbaijan folk music)1

Urmavis Influence Upon Later Treatises and the Contemporary Traditional Music of Azerbaijan and Turkey*

In recent time .......


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