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Author:                   City : Baku   Country : Azerbaijan
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      The greatest Azerbaijan composer Uzeyir Hajibayov has said: “When composer expresses his ideas in native music language, he will be near to people.”

       A genius music figure, wise U.Hajibayov’s above mentioned instructive words, have relate to the creative work of National Artist of Azerbaijan Republic, professor Ramiz Mirishli.

       Yes, Ramiz Mirishli namely is one of the loving distinguished composers and he can find a way to heart of people with his musical compositions. This year he is seventy one. During more forty years’ musical activity he has written two musical comedies, symphony for chamber band, symphony “Martyrs” for symphony orchestra, three symphonic poems, four symphonic suites, Concerto for tar and symphonic orchestra, four suites and three cantatas for choir and symphonic orchestra, for ‘Orchestra of National Musical Instruments’ two concertos, twelve suites, miniatures, overtures, trio for piano, journal preludes for piano, romances, music for more sixty theatre performances and films. These musical compositions are very interesting, genuine, original examples.

       But, Ramiz Mirishli is famous among the people with his amazing songs. It isn’t accidental that Ramiz Mirishli has written in the song genre for the first time and he up to now has composed five hundred songs. They differ one from another by their multicoloured theme and intonation.

       Ramiz Mirishli’s creative work is many-sided. He is a talented composer, at the same time is an experienced teacher and a public music figure. Ramiz Mirishli’s text-book “School of Kamancha” is used in the kamancha forms at the children’s musical school. More that thirty years, Ramiz Mirishli works at the Azerbaijan National Conservatoire and he is a professor of Chair of National Musical Instruments. And Ramiz Mirishli works at the responsible sphere; he is a music editor-in-chief at the Azerbaijan TV.

       Miragil Mirishli’s son Ramiz was born on the 16th of April 1934 in one of the oldest cities of Azerbaijan, Nakhchevan. His parents were teachers and their works in the sphere of education haven’t been forgotten there. Generally, Ramiz Mirishli’s generation was outstanding, representatives in the field of enlightenment, public health and theatre. And one of them Ramiz Mirishli decided to be a professional musician. After children music school he goes to Baku and enters to the middle music school named after A.Zaynalli. At the entrance examination Ramiz Mirishli’s phenomenal talent and performed mastery have been taken into account and he was admitted directly to the second course, by speciality kamancha. During the years of education he learned the mysteries of instrument kamancha and took an interest to the profession of composer. He wrote his first songs and little plays for piano.

       In 1954 Ramiz Mirishli finished the musical school and returned to native town Nakhchevan. He worked at the children music school and he taught on speciality kamancha, also theory of music. He began to gather and to write the local musical folklore.

       Nevertheless, the wish to be a composer didn’t leave him in peace. That is why he worked with zeal and in 1957 entered the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire named after U.Hajibayov. Ramiz Mirishli studied in the well-known Azerbaijan composer Govdat Hadziyev’s class. Professor G. Hadziyev taught him the secrets of composer technology and Ramiz Mirishli as a composer had a personal creative manner. During the period of education he wrote many plays, including sonatino, preludes for piano, quartet, a symphonic poem and romances.

       Among these plays quartet is the luckiest. Besides, it has performed at the plenum of young composers and was met with interest. His diploma work “Symphonic Poem” drew attention because of rich melody and real nationality. This symphonic poem conducted by Nazim Rzayev and by Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra was performed one of the open concerts. This play was a great success, was recorded and entered to the fund of radio.

       When Ramiz Mirishli studied at the Conservatoire he also worked for Orchestra of National Musical Instruments of Azerbaijan Television Committee playing the kamancha. In 1959 he with this orchestra was presented at the second ten-day period of Azerbaijan Literature and Art, visited several cities of the past Soviet Union.

       In 1962, Ramiz Mirishli finished the Conservatoire by the profession of composer and set foot his independent creative work. In 1964, he was admitted as a member to the Union of the Azerbaijan Composers. At that period he was the author of many interesting plays and was popular among the people, though he was young. Besides, he feels the folk and oral traditional music profoundly, such as mugams, songs and dances, music of minstrel and he applied their intonation to his plays with great ability. So that in 1964 the composer for the first time in Azerbaijan applied the rhythm of yalli in song genre and composed a song “At the Evenings of Holiday”, which is used in repertoires of the ensembles of song and dance and in “Novruz” holiday up today.

       In 1965 Ramiz Mirishli wrote a special “Concerto” for Orchestra of National Musical Instruments and this play sounded again and again at Azerbaijan TV, plenum of composers in Baku and at the festival “Music Spring of ThanCaucausses” in Tbilisi. The next years he wrote two Concertos, twelve suites, three overtures for Orchestra of National Musical Instruments. Besides Ramiz Mirishli made an instrumentation of many plays of the piano for Orchestra of National Musical Instruments. He can skillfully orchestrate “12 Miniatures” by Fikrat Amirov it isn’t accidental that, Fikrat Amirov called Ramiz Mirishli the second author of this play.

       Ramiz Mirishli composed two symphonic poems in 1972 and 1980. One of them named “Youth” and it is dedicated to the morality interest of young people.

       Generally, Ramiz Mirishli has many symphonic plays. In 1974 he composed his first symphony and in 1984 Concerto for tar and symphonic orchestra. Without exaggeration we must say that, these are the most interesting and lucky plays. Every two plays with large circulation put up for sale from the firm “Melody” in Moscow. This symphony is performed with successfully by Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after Qara Qarayev at the fifth plenum of Azerbaijan Composers. These three parts of symphony are dedicated dramatic, contrasted incidents of the modern period. Another play “Concerto” for tar and symphonic orchestra has performed in the third international symposium in Samarqand, which has been organized by UNESCO and Azerbaijan Symphonic Music Night in Dashkand successfully. This Concerto has been recorded by Symphonic Orchestra of Azerbaijan TV and Radio and National Artist of Azerbaijan Republic Ramiz Quliyev, and has been included to the music fund of radio.

       So everywhere also in the native town Nakhchevan the music lovers are glad to his successes. They are boast and proud that, Ramiz Mirishli is their fellow countryman. He is love worthy and in 1974 the beloved composer was appreciated with the name Honour Artist of Nakhchevan Autonomous Republic. Enterprising public figure Ramiz Mirishli in Nakhechevan participated in the opening of the middle music school named after U.Hajibayov in 1975, in 1978 with social base the Nakhchevan’s section of the Union of the Azerbaijan Composers and in 1998 Nakhchevan State Philarmonic Society. Again and again he appealed to the different organizations and at last developed to the activity of these music spheres. From 1984 till 1988 Ramiz Mirishli has been the head of the Nakhchevan section of the Union of the Azerbaijan Composers. He helped the young and amateur composers with his advices.

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