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Author:                   City : Baku   Country : Azerbaijan
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Remarkable event occurred in Baku Music Academy at its hard times of session, exams, and tests. It was opening of web site “Baku Music Academy,” operating in three languages (Azerbaijan, Russian, English).

Creative team “Musigi Dunyasi” produced this resource. The team carried out great and laborious work. The whole teaching staff of Baku Music Academy assisted in this work.

It is very pleasant to note that Baku Music Academy proved to be in the vanguard of such achievement. At the moment no one institute of higher education has such site. The matter is not only web site’s volume. Though in itself, it deserves specific respect (160 Megabytes!). The team had a very complicated task:

- to systematize complete historical way of BMA for 80 years;
- to collect the following full information:
- teaching staff;
- rectors administration;
- chairs;
- dean’s office;
- competitions for this whole period.

In addition opportunity to work in virtual reading hall would be submitted to musicians. They could study scientific works, textbooks, and printed music, accompanied by audio records. There is news line at the site. It would be renewed with information on continuous basis.

Baku Music Academy now and previously, 80 years ago has the title of intellectual and cultured institute. This site approves it via its content and via technical progress. The latter is the most pleasurable. As to the content, the user would have opportunity to familiarize the following:

- history of the Conservatoire;
- terms to participate at the competitions;
- creation of musical elite;
- conditions to enter the institute, etc.

However, there are entertaining sections. For instance the gallery “Musical Vernissage.” It is represented by colourful and original sketches from Uz. Hajibeyov musicals “If not one, then the other” and “Arshin Mal Alan” or Verdi opera “Aida.” There are also well-meant caricatures of outstanding musical figures and section “Musicians Smile,” where one could find funny stories from their life.

As to the second – level of site’s technical assistance - it is the separate issue. At the moment BMA site relates to corporative portals category. Infrastructure of such educational portal allows using Internet’s services as communication. On the other hand it is an essential and effective tool of distance learning. Corporative portal of Baku Music Academy lays the foundation for methodological elaborations of distance learning. It is an achievement for musicians of the third millennium. It is aimed to use portal construction of corporative sites. It is the method to access information with multimedia support of educational soft. Selected data (historical documentation) gives opportunity of personified access for external and internal users. It also affects their individual feelings via multimedia fragments.

For the first time in Azerbaijan they created new cultural historical type of the e-library. Modern interpretation of this word is media library

E-library (media library) creates completely new functions. They are the following:

- more operative access to documentation;
- effective informational search;
- interactivity;
- automation of bibliographic process;
- new method to submit and preserve information (e-catalogues, card indexes), etc. However it is possible if we satisfy an essential condition: copyrights protection in cyber space.

One could study musical genres and form in e-library’s sections. In addition user have an opportunity to look through printed music of Azerbaijan classical compositions. Moreover, there is unique opportunity to listen these compositions at the same time. Performers are the leading figures of Azerbaijan music art.

Sure, it is difficult to describe all this site’s advantages within the frameworks of newspaper article. But the one thing is evident: it is valuable issue to reproduce for all Azerbaijan institutes.

We would like to say of those who assisted to implement this idea. Firstly it is representation of the World Bank in Azerbaijan.

Team of the Magazine “Musigi Dunyasi” (first in Azerbaijan musical cultural magazine) directly worked on this site. Project’s author is professor Farkhad Badalbeily, Rector of the Baku Music Academy. Project’s coordinator is professor Tariel Mamedov, Dr. of Musicology, Editor-in-Chief of “Musigi Dunyasi”. We should mention that due to his great energy and progressive thinking, starting from 1999 (i.e. first issue of the magazine), editorial staff prepared 9 web sites (including this one), devoted to Azerbaijan musical culture. They are the following:

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